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Surgical Oncology

Children's is the only pediatric hospital in the region to provide comprehensive pediatric oncology care in one single, convenient location. Approximately 10,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year in this country. While most of them will need surgery as part of their treatment regimen, there are only a handful of physicians in the entire country that have subspecialty training in both pediatric surgery and surgical oncology.

One of these highly skilled surgeons is part of the surgical staff at Children's Hospital & Medical Center. Board-certified pediatric surgeon and surgical oncologist Shahab Abdessalam, M.D., joined the Children's staff in 2006 and is providing our children with the most advanced techniques and procedures available in pediatric oncologic surgery.

Dr. Abdessalam combines the training and skills learned through fellowships in advanced surgical oncology, surgical critical care and pediatric surgery to provide the safest and most advanced surgical care. These highly specialized skill sets result in improved outcomes for your child and ensures he or she has the best results possible. 

A core member of Children's multidisciplinary pediatric oncology team, Dr. Abdessalam and his colleagues work collaboratively to provide sophisticated diagnostics, unparalleled treatment and comprehensive family care for a broad range of childhood cancers. Children's is home to some of the most sophisticated treatments and technologies currently available to treat these conditions. These include minimally invasive surgery, which can speed recovery with fewer scars, and sentinel node mapping, which can provide early detection of metastasis.

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