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They face each challenge with courage and an unparalleled determination. Young patients at Children's Hospital & Medical Center receive compassionate care from experienced specialists. Knowledgeable care teams guide children and their families through treatments, surgeries and hospital stays. In return, these children inspire us and remind us that anything is possible.

Sporting Good Health

He was tired, and didn't seem to have as much energy as a 7-year-old should.  A blood test during a routine check-up showed Adam Folsom was slightly anemic.  It was the start of many tests, and a medical mystery that was finally solved in the operating room.



Holding onto Hope

Having given birth to three healthy children, Keri Spangler had no reason to expect her next pregnancy would be any different. But a routine ultrasound at 30 weeks proved otherwise.  Her baby appeared to have a rare birth defect that would require specialized surgery shortly after birth. 

Keri and her husband, Ryan, worried about where they could find this high level of care.  They discovered Children's Hospital and a talented pediatric surgeon who could offer their baby the most advanced surgical treatment.


Delivery Room Rescue.

When Landon Walsh was born, his delivery was anything but routine.  Landon faced serious medical challenges and doctors did not know if he would be able to breathe.

Specialists at Children's spent the months prior to Landon's birth working closely with the delivery room team to create a detailed birth plan.  Since then, his parents' anxiety has been replaced with the joy of having a son.