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Malicka was born with a complex congenital heart defect. 

She underwent open heart surgery as an infant to redirect blood flow and allow her single ventricle heart to work more efficiently. She's smart, funny, a little bit sassy, and today, the picture of health!


Jake is thoughtful and funny. 

Hear his laugh and you're bound to join in. It's hard to believe this lively boy has twice experienced cardiac arrest. A defibrillator implanted into his chest now makes sure his heartbeat stays steady allowing this Cub Scout to enjoy the great outdoors and all it has to offer.


He came through open heart surgery, without missing a beat.

Ian Johnson Cardiology Heart Center Childrens Hospital & Medical Center Omaha Nebraska.When Ian Johnson was born, a severe defect restricted his heart's ability to pump oxygenated blood to his body, a potentially fatal condition. His parents had to choose between a heart transplant and an innovative new series of open-heart surgeries that would build Ian a new heart. They put their trust in the expertise of cardiac surgeon Dr. Kim Duncan, leading a team of specialists in three open-heart surgeries performed at Children's in Omaha. Ian not only survived, he's thrived. And as for his heart, the beat goes on.

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She's Reaching New Milestones. 

Serious arrhythmias can not only disrupt everyday life for children and their families, they can become quite dangerous. One-year-old Erykah Moore of Crete, Neb., not only became pale and fatigued, but she became physically ill when her heart would suddenly go into an abnormal rhythm, beating as quickly as 270 beats a minute. When medication didn't work, doctors at Children's Hospital & Medical Center determined Erykah was a candidate for radiofrequency ablation. In a delicate procedure performed in Children's new hybrid cardiac catheterization laboratory, pediatric cardiologist and electrophysiologist Christopher Erickson, M.D., cured Erykah's rapid heart beat. Emergency trips to the ER are now just a memory in the past for the Moore family. They have been replaced with memories of watching Erykah reach new milestones.  

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