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The Children's Difference

What Sets Us Apart.

The pediatric-trained specialists at Children's Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha have extensive experience working with one patient population – children. We excel at making them feel comfortable in situations that can be a little unsettling, and we thrive on collaborating with your referring physician to determine the most effective way to image your child.

Our staff physicians, radiologists, are fellowship trained pediatric radiologists. They only read pediatric images and are specifically trained in disease processes that are only seen in children. Our radiologists have over 65 years of combined experience reading pediatric studies and have been recognized nationally for their efforts to minimize radiation exposure while providing diagnostic results.

Radiation Precautions.
We know radiation exposure is a key concern for parents. Rest assured, whenever radiation is involved in a procedure at Children's – whether it's a conventional x-ray, a CT scan or a nuclear medicine or fluoroscopy exam – our pediatric-trained specialists take every precaution to ensure that the amount of radiation used is the bare minimum necessary to achieve an accurate result.

At Children's, we only use CT scans when absolutely necessary (emergent trauma cases, for example), deferring to ultrasound or MRI, whenever feasible, to minimize radiation exposure. When CT scans are required, our CT doses are "child size," carefully calculated to decrease the long term cancer risk to children. Radiation dose from the CT scans at Children's is lower than the national average.

Our Radiology Department supports and adheres to the recommendations of the Image Gently Campaign, an initiative of the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging. The campaign goal is to increase awareness of the opportunities to promote radiation protection in the imaging of children.

Little Touches for Little Patients.
Our two MRI scanners are child-friendly and unlike any other in the state of Nebraska.
Not only are they decorated in a calming underwater theme on the outside, they are outfitted with a unique TV/video system on the inside, technology you won't find in any other MRI scanner in the state of Nebraska. With a movie rolling, a child can, optimally, remain still and quiet during the 30-to-60 minute study without the need of a mild sedative.

Fluoroscopy exams can be difficult to complete, even for adults. That's why, at Children's in Omaha, we've taken steps to ease the process for our young patients. There are televisions in many of our exam rooms.

Even more important critical to the success of these studies is the caring hand of our experienced technologists, professionals who work with children each and every day, who know how to reassure young patients, hold their hands, and read their body language.