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TOP 10 Reasons To Call My Child Life Specialist

  1. I want my patient to understand what will happen during this procedure through MEDICAL PLAY .
  2. I want my patient to learn appropriate COPING SKILLS to help him through this procedure.
  3. I think my patient will benefit from DISTRACTION during this procedure.
  4. My patient is showing signs of FEAR and ANXIETY and I want to provide him with a therapeutic way to express his emotions.
  5. I would like to know my patient's PERCEPTION of his diagnosis.
  6. My patient's SIBLINGS are having a difficult time understanding and coping with what is happening to my patient.
  7. My patient's caregivers have concerns about his DEVELOPMENT .
  8. My patient wants to learn how to DESCRIBE HIS DIAGNOSIS to friends.
  9. I want to ensure that this hospital experience is as POSITIVE as possible for my patient.
  10. I want to promote normalization for my patient through ACTIVITIES and the ENVIRONMENT he is in.