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Treatment schedule

The following outlines a general evaluation and treatment schedule:

Treatment Schedule


Your child will be evaluated by a physician to identify a diagnosis and to determine if your child will benefit from helmet therapy.


The first step in crafting your helmet involves scanning your infant's head. Scanning takes only minutes to complete and is performed in the Helmet Lab. The scan does not require X-ray exposure.


The second step in crafting your helmet is a fitting. This process takes approximately one hour to complete and will take place in our Helmet Lab.

Follow-up Appointment

Once your baby is in the helmet, we would like to see them once a month for follow-up. At these appointments you will meet with the occupational therapist. We will discuss any concerns that you have and make appropriate alterations to the helmet. These appointments last approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

Once everyone is happy with the shape of your infant's head, we will schedule one last appointment with our clinic physician. Our physician will review visit data, growth measurements and perform a clinical assessment of your child's head shape and make recommendations. This last appointment is an important step. It helps to ensure that your child has received the maximum benefit from his helmet therapy experience.

We recommend that you check with your insurance company before your clinic appointment about potential coverage for helmet therapy. Many insurance companies do not consider this treatment as medically necessary and thus will not pay for it.