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Each child with OI is unique – not only as an individual but also in diagnosis. Children's Metabolic Bone & Osteogenesis Imperfecta Clinic takes a highly-personalized approach to patient care.

  • Individual treatment protocols frequently are adjusted based on pain and fracture potential, age, growth and other key factors.
    • We strongly believe in treating significantly-involved infants early to decrease bone fractures and surgeries and promote more normal growth and development.
  • Physical and occupational therapies progress along with your child's development.
  • Our nutritionist assesses the diet of each child to help ensure optimal growth and bone health. 
  • Our social worker assists families with any financial, mental health or behavior concerns.
  • Our dentist is available to help coordinate dental care for patients
  • We listen to feedback from you and your child and seek minimal treatment for maximum benefit.
  • Since the majority of our patients travel to Omaha from other states and countries, we interface with primary care providers and health agencies in your hometown to safely administer medications and other therapies.
  • We work with insurance companies to stress the role that early preventive care plays in lessening the cost of OI care.