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What Sets Us Apart

Scour the country, explore your options, research all the pediatric programs you can find, what are you left with? The realization that only one place, one city, one program can offer all that a pediatric resident needs to be the best possible practitioner. That one program is the Creighton/Nebraska Universities Health Foundation Joint Pediatric Residency Program in Association with Children’s Hospital.

As a pediatric resident in any other program across the country, you will have to make a decision about what kind of pediatric medicine you want to practice. Unfortunately, until you have worked in all types of settings, you will never know for sure. That’s why this program is so exciting. Here you will work with inner city, rural and suburban families and their children. Here you will experience the fast pace of a busy emergency room that deals with pediatric traumas. Here you will enjoy all that a university hospital has to offer – including working with world renowned physicians and instructors. Bond with your patients, get to know their families, follow the course of an illness from beginning to end. At Creighton University Medical Center, the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Children’s Hospital, you’ll do all this, and much, much more.