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What to Expect at Your Initial Visit

What makes us special is our focus on pediatrics and the time we’re spending with the families.” – Carlos Villanueva, MD, clinical service chief and one of the only fellowship-trained pediatric urologists in the state of Nebraska.

Your child’s initial visit to our clinic will likely include:
• A complete history and exam, including an extensive registration of symptoms and voiding behaviors
• Urinalysis (if not done with their primary care provider)
• Abdominal X-ray (to check for occult constipation)
• Post void residual scan (to check for incomplete bladder emptying)

We will take the time to make sure all of your questions are answered. We may send you home with a voiding diary – a great way to track whether your child is following the treatment protocol we recommend.

After your initial visit, we will determine an appropriately course of follow-up depending on your child’s condition and treatment plan.