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What You Need to Know

Here is an example of the process:

After your child is referred by a physician for evaluation, we will send out an informational letter. on how the clinic is setup and a questionnaire packet.  We realize that this is a large amount of paperwork.  We hope that this will make your time in our clinic more efficient and ensure that important details are accounted for.  Please return this paperwork by mail or fax.   Once we receive the paperwork back, then an appointment will be given. 

Patients will be evaluated by a psychologist, a developmental pediatrician and a pediatrician specialized in medical genetics.  You will also be introduced to our family advocate.  If your child was seen by a speech pathologist at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center affiliated with this clinic, their evaluation will also be incorporated into this evaluation. 

You may be requested to sign Authorization for Release of Information, Authorization to Release Medical Information during Clinic.

We want you to be as comfortable as possible during our evaluation.  Here are some important points about our clinic:

  • At least one parent or care provider must accompany the child throughout the evaluation portion of the clinic.
  • This is a long morning in clinic.  Please keep this in mind when bringing other children, especially infants.
  • It is encouraged to bring snacks or other items of comfort your child may like to have.
  • Each patient will be checked in upon arrival.  Measurements will be taken and documented.
  • There will be a 35 minute break for families while the subspecialists are discussing their recommendations.  You are welcome to go to the cafeteria or wander around during this time.
  • The patient’s presence at Children’s Hospital is not necessary after the morning evaluation.  If you would anticipate problems with the patient staying longer than 3 hours in clinic, it may be ideal to have another care giver available (either take the child to play in the waiting room, or actually taking the child home is fine too), to allow you to have less distraction during the wrap-up discussion.  We understand if the family cannot make other arrangements and the child cannot tolerate the wrap-up discussion and we can call with the results of the team discussion with your permission.
  • You will be receiving a letter summarizing the visit within a few weeks of the evaluation.

Please call 402-955-6570 if you have any questions.

Fax: 402-955-4184

Printable Resources:

Family Information Letter - This is a printable version of the information above that you can download for reference.

New Patient Information Packet - This is the comprehensive packet we ask you to fill out prior to your clinic visit.