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What to Expect

We look forward to caring for your child in the Craniofacial Clinic at Children's Hospital & Medical Center, the only clinic in the region that includes a multidisciplinary team of surgeons and specialists dedicated to diagnosing and treating complex craniofacial anomalies.

Referral is made to our clinic by primary care doctors – but parents can also self-refer.

What to Expect During Your Initial Visit:
• After you check in at the front desk, you’ll be brought back to an exam room and greeted by a nurse.
• He or she will explain which doctors you’ll be seeing and what will take place during your appointment.
• The doctors caring for your child will, then, rotate in and out of the room. 
    o Your child’s initial visit to our clinic will likely include a complete history and exam, including an extensive registration of symptoms
• Afterward, doctors will converse amongst themselves to determine the best plan of care.
• Your nurse will revisit your room before you leave to explain both the plan of care and discharge instructions.

If any tests – such as CT scans, MRIs or X-rays – are needed, your nurse will schedule the day and time.

If the plan of care includes surgery, our schedulers will call to schedule the day and time.

Surgery: What to Expect
• Craniofacial surgeries, like most surgeries, will require pre-op screening with lab tests and X-rays.
• Food and liquid intake will likely be curtailed prior to the procedure.
• The day of surgery often begins early with an intake evaluation by the operating room nursing team, the anesthesiology team and the craniofacial surgical team.
• Parents are allowed to be with their child until just before he or she goes into the operating room.
• During the course of the operation – which can take a few to several hours – families are updated regularly and frequently.

Open Communication
We believe family involvement throughout the surgical process is critical. Rest assured, every effort will be made to ensure you are fully informed about the procedure, why it’s necessary, the risks and potential complications. Our team, including our child life specialist, is here to help with any needs you and your family may have while planning and waiting for surgery.