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Who Needs to See Us

Appointments for evaluation require a physician's order.  A diagnosis must also be written on the order. Physicians generally refer patients to our clinic for the following reasons:

  • To rule out aspiration during feeding as potential contributor to respiratory distress.
  • To assess a patient's oropharyngeal anatomy and physiology during breathing, feeding, and swallowing.
  • To determine whether a feeding or swallowing impairment can explain poor weight gain.
  • To obtain a differential diagnosis of the type of feeding or swallowing difficulty present.
  • To determine the optimal texture and feeding process for safe and successful oral feeding.
  • To determine a child's potential for weaning from tube feeds.
  • To determine whether a child can maintain adequate nutrition and hydration by mouth.
  • To facilitate appropriate case management with related services such as gastroenterology, nutrition, ear, nose and throat or pulmonology.