What Do Healthcare Consumers Value Most? 4 Key Insights

It’s a question that’s on the mind of every health professional who’s ever run a clinic, hospital, or other medical business: What do patients want? And how do you retain their loyalty, even through life events like job changes and insurance shake-ups?

Deloitte’s 2016 Consumer Priorities in Health Care Survey helped decode this issue by asking patients what mattered most to them.

The survey yielded four “clusters” deemed important to patients:

  • Personalization expected via providers (personalized care)
  • Economically rational insurance coverage and care choices
  • Convenience-driven access and use of care
  • Digital connections (tools) to help manage healthcare

Here are some of the key insights from Deloitte.

1. Personalization Expected Via Providers

Patients want to feel known and understood by their providers.

Patients Look For Providers Who …

  • Do not rush through appointments
  • Listen and show they care
  • Clearly explain what they are doing, and what the patient will need to do in the future
  • Provide understandable, helpful information about diagnoses and conditions healthcare consumers

2. Economically Rational Insurance Coverage And Care Choices

Patients want affordable healthcare and all-inclusive networks—and they don’t want to be in the dark.

Patients Want …

  • All providers and medications covered and in-network
  • Transparency about when a provider or service will be out-of-network, or will not be covered
  • Clear, accurate cost information for specific services and procedures at particular hospitals healthcare consumers

3. Convenience-driven Access And Use Of Care

Patients look for healthcare that is available at the right time, in the right place.

Patients Look For …

  • Short or no wait times at doctor’s offices, hospital waiting rooms, etc.
  • Providers who are available at a specific date and time
  • Customer service or billing agents who will fully resolve issues healthcare consumers

4. Digital Connections (Tools) To Help Manage Healthcare

Patients use digital tools or trackers to manage their health—but for most patients, digital health is not a priority.

Patients Use Digital Tools Or Trackers To…

  • Schedule appointments
  • Share data from activity trackers with providers or families
  • Web chat to quickly solve issues
  • Seek advice about reliable online health resources
  • Manage health, fitness, and chronic conditions healthcare consumers


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