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Item Name Discovering My World
Description Ages 4-10. Price includes DotArt Book and 4 Do•A•Dot Markers
Catalog Number 303
Price $15.98
Product Details Discovering My World DotArt Book and sponge tip applicators from Do•A•Dot Art. In this delightful collection your child will discover fish, frogs, cats, dogs, dinosaurs, teddy bears and clowns. Children will enjoy hours of creative expression guided by DotArt Books from Do•A•Dot Art.

DotArt Books feature black and white drawings on heavy card-stock paper and perforated pages for easy removal and display. A perfect accompaniment to the Do•A•Dot Art sponge tip applicators. Together they offer a fun and easy way for kids of all ages to create. There are no cups or brushes to set up or clean up. You can blend colors and create hundreds of works of art. Included in each set is an idea sheet with a variety of of applications.

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