Cochlear Implant Program

Just a few decades ago, there were no effective treatments for children with severe hearing loss. But in 2000, when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved cochlear implants in children 12 months of age and older, the world of treating hearing loss changed.

A traditional hearing aid is helpful for many children with mild or moderate hearing loss, but it’s not always enough for children with severe hearing loss. If a traditional aid is not giving your child the help they need, your child may be eligible for a cochlear implant.

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Cochlear Implant Program at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center

Our team consists of audiology, speech-language pathology, vestibular audiology, deaf education, ENT medicine, and cochlear implant audiology specialists.

We want you to be comfortable and confident with the process, so we will be with you every step of the way — from determining if it’s the right fit for your child to the implantation surgery to adjusting to having the implant.

We are looking forward to sharing this journey with you and your child.

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How Does a Cochlear Implant Work

Check out this video from Advanced Bionics to learn how a cochlear implant can help your child hear.

Services We Provide


The Audiology Department specializes in early identification and treatment of difficulty hearing in infants and children through age 21..

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Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT)

ENT physicians treat disorders and diseases of the ears, nose, throat, sinuses, larynx (voice box), mouth, and structures of the neck or face. They work hand-in-hand with our audiologists on treating patients who have difficulty hearing.

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Speech Therapy

Our Speech Therapy program offers diagnosis and treatment services for children who have communication disorders, including those involving difficulty hearing.

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Social Work

Social workers provide patients and families with helpful resources — from emotional support to information on financial assistance — when a child is diagnosed with a hearing condition.

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Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health specialists treat children of all ages with behavioral or mental health disorders, and can help children cope with the emotional challenges of having a hearing disorder.
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All About Cochlear Implants

Learn more about cochlear implants, from how they work to what happens once it’s activated to resources for technical support.

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Our Specialists


Josh Sevier, Au.D.
Coordinator, Cochlear Implant Program
Doctor of Audiology

Fran Tvrdy, Au.D.
Doctor of Audiology

Jessica Koraleski, Au.D.
Doctor of Audiology


Jonathan Hatch, M.D.

Daniel Wehrmann, M.D.

Vestibular (Balance) Audiology

Amanda Rodriguez, Au.D., Ph.D.
Doctor of Audiology

Behavioral Health

Lynne Clure, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist

Speech-Language Pathology

Kristi Leutzinger, M.A., CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist


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