You always want what’s best for your child. But sometimes, doing what’s best isn’t always easy.

When your child needs surgery — whether it’s major or minor — you might experience a wide range of emotions. You may be excited that they’re finally getting treatment, confused about how to talk to your child about surgery, or nervous about the procedure itself.

At Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, we know that’s perfectly normal — and that’s why our surgical team is dedicated to keeping you and your child safe and comfortable throughout the whole process, from the consultation to the recovery.

We offer both general and thoracic, and specialty surgery.

  • General and thoracic surgery focuses mainly on treating conditions that impact the abdomen, skin, soft tissues, breasts, or endocrine (hormone) system. General and thoracic surgeons often work in trauma or emergency situations, performing common surgeries, such as removing the appendix.
  • Specialty surgery requires a surgeon with more specialized expertise. Specialty surgery tends to focus on a specific part of the body. For example, cardiac surgery is for heart conditions, and neurosurgery is for the brain.

Some surgeries are used to treat conditions while others are used to diagnose them.

Depending on the type of procedure, as well as any specific medical needs your child may have (such as additional heart monitoring after the procedure), your child will need either inpatient or outpatient surgery.

  • Inpatient surgery means that your child will stay at the hospital overnight. Some procedures may require more than one night in the hospital.
  • Outpatient surgery (also called same day surgery) means that your child can go home on the same day of the procedure. They will usually need to stay at the hospital or Children’s Outpatient Surgery Center (COSC) for anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours after surgery to make sure they are recovering well and can continue recovery at home.

Finding out your child needs surgery can bring on a range of emotions, from anxiety to relief that they’re finally getting treated.

At Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, our pediatric surgeons and staff are dedicated to addressing your child’s medical issue and seeing them healthy on the other side of recovery.

How to Make an Appointment or Refer a Patient

For more information about how to schedule your child’s procedure, please contact the department that is referring your child for surgery. See list of departments below.

ENFit Enternal Tubing Standardization

This year, feeding tubes and feeding connections are changing. Learn more

Bones & Joints (Orthopedic) Surgery

Phone 402-955-6300 | Fax 402-955-6529

Orthopedic surgery involves the limbs and spine. We treat a variety of problems, from broken bones to lifelong disorders like cerebral palsy.

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Digestive (Gastroenterology) Surgery

Phone 402-955-5700 | Fax 402-955-5720

For treating eating and digestive problems — from constipation and abdominal pain, to food allergies, to liver disease.

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Ear, Nose & Throat (Otorhinolaryngology) Surgery

Phone 402-955-6370 | Fax 402-955-6427

Procedures on the ears, nose, throat, sinuses, mouth, larynx (voice box), and structures of the face or neck.

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Eye (Ophthalmology) Surgery

Phone 402-955-6799 | Fax 402-955-4184

Ophthalmology surgeons perform procedures on children who have eye or vision problems.

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General and Thoracic Surgery

Phone 402-955-7400

Focuses on conditions of the abdomen, skin, soft tissues, breasts, or endocrine (hormone) system. It also includes common emergency surgeries, such as removing the appendix.

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Heart (Cardiology) Surgery

Phone 402-955-4360 | Fax 402-955-4364

Treating congenital heart defects — problems with the structure of the heart that are present from birth.

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Lung (Pulmonary) Surgery

Pulmonary surgery is performed on the lungs to diagnose or treat breathing disorders.

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Phone 402-955-8600

Pediatric neurosurgery treats congenital and acquired disorders of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system.

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Phone 402-955-5600

Radiologists take pictures of the inside of a child’s body to look for signs of injury or disease. They perform tests such as x-rays, computed tomography (CT) scans, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to help surgeons see where they will need to operate.

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Rheumatology Surgery

Rheumatology surgeons treat disorders of the musculoskeletal system — joints, bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments — that cause pain and swelling.

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Urology Surgery

Phone 402-955-4002 | Fax 402-955-4004

Urology surgery is performed on the genitals (reproductive organs) and urinary tract (the body’s drainage system).

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Weight Loss (Bariatric) Surgery

Phone 402-955-7400

A type of general and thoracic surgery for weight loss. Must be involved with the HEROES clinic for at least 6 months.

  • HEROES Weight Management program

    Only medically managed program in the area with a multi-specialty team of experts ready to assist your family in making healthier lifestyle choices.
    Omaha HEROES Clinic: Phone 402-955-4080
    Lincoln HEROES Clinic: Phone 402-955-8770

    Learn more about HEROES

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How to Prepare Your Child (and Yourself) for Surgery

Get your child ready for an upcoming procedure, from packing to post surgical care.

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Your Child’s Hospital Stay

Learn about what to pack, the day-to-day routine, and the services and resources available to your family at Children’s.

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Anesthesia helps your child avoid pain and possibly fall asleep during surgery. Here’s how we make sure to give anesthesia safely.

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Support Services For Your Child

We offer support services to address your family’s emotional, financial, developmental, spiritual, and educational needs.

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