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Donations-Wish List

Children's Hospital is grateful for the30community's support and helping us achieve our goal of providing extraordinary care for children from throughout the Heartland. Since thousands of children visit our facility each year, we have a constant and ongoing need to replenish supplies.

To allow us the most flexibility in meeting the needs of our patients, we are asking donors to consider gift cards from businesses that provide appropriate children's toys, craft supplies and entertainment goods for all ages. Examples include: Wal-Mart, Target, Hobby Lobby, Dick Blick, Toys R Us, Mangelsen's, Borders, Blockbuster Video, Best Buy, etc. Gift cards of any amount are greatly appreciated.

Gift cards that offer family assistance with rising fuel costs and long-distance calls are also appreciated.

Unfortunately, we are not able to receive and distribute donations of food for our patients, families or staff.

We ask that you call ahead to determine the suitability of your donation or to make arrangements for us to receive your thoughtful gift. You may also contact us if you would like a specific list of current needs. Please contact us at (402) 955-5325.

Thank you for thinking of our patients and families. Your generosity will touch more lives than you can imagine.