Children’s Health Network: Frequently Asked Questions

Children’s Health Network (CHN) is a clinically integrated network focused on pediatric care. Our aim is to help independent providers maintain their practices, while also teaming up with providers who are associated with hospitals — like Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha.

Clinical Integration

What Is Clinical Integration? How Does It Impact Patient Care And Providers?

Clinical integration is a win-win for patients and providers:

  • Providers participate in clinical initiatives that support the health and wellness of pediatric patients.
  • Patient outcomes improve as a result of the collaborative efforts of network members.
  • Providers have access to quality improvements and advanced technology infrastructures.
  • Patients receive more well-coordinated care as a result of information sharing and transparency among providers in the network.
  • Providers and patients benefit from more efficient practices and consolidated resources.

How Do Quality Improvement Projects Affect Clinical Integration And Cost Savings For CHN Members?

A commitment to ongoing quality improvement is a key success factor for a clinically integrated network. Clinical integration gives healthcare providers an opportunity to take part in designing projects with this commitment in mind. Oftentimes, these projects span multiple specialties and areas of care.

In addition to increasing the quality of care provided, these projects also aim to boost cost effectiveness, eliminate system-wide waste, and standardize care delivery.

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