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The health of a child is impacted by more than just the medical care they receive: it’s impacted by the community they live, learn, and play in. Our goal is to create communities that are safe and healthy, and empower families to thrive.

Fast Facts

Which Factors Determine Our Health?

  • 80% social factors, such as education, income, community safety, home environments, and health behaviors
  • 20% clinical care, such as access to medical care, and quality of care

What Can You Do?

Learn about the Children’s Center for the Child & Community. The mission of the Center is to empower and support the health, safety, and wellbeing of every child.

About the Center for the Child & Community

Community Health Needs Assessment

We strive to understand the health needs of our community through a collaborative community health needs assessment.

Since 2012, Children’s has conducted a Pediatric Community Health Needs Assessment (P-CHNA) with key stakeholders to determine the community’s child health priorities. The assessment is completed every 3 years and involves local public health departments, other health systems and hospitals, youth-focused community organizations, and parents.

The assessment involves community-wide surveys of parents, as well as a stakeholder survey. Based on the results, Children’s is focusing on initiatives to improve:

  • Access to healthcare services
  • Injury and violence prevention
  • Mental health
  • Nutrition, physical activity, and weight management
  • Oral health
  • Vision, hearing, and speech conditions
  • Asthma and other respiratory conditions
  • Sexual health

Community Health Needs Assessment Report 2015

Implementation Strategy 2016-2018

Community Benefit Report 2016

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