Hubbard Center for Children

A Powerful Opportunity for Transformation & Growth

Children’s Hospital & Medical Center is poised to embark on a new era of dramatic transformation and significant growth that will change — and save — countless young lives into the future.

Since its founding in 1948 in the midst of the polio epidemic, Children’s has been on the leading edge of pediatric care in Omaha and across the region. This has led to steady, significant growth in the number of patients served and the variety of programs and services we provide. Each year, Children’s touches the lives of more than 150,000 children.

Growth projections also make it abundantly clear that Children’s must grow — in scope and space — to continue to meet the needs of children and families. The demand for high-quality pediatric care is great and we must expand our role as the region’s pediatric healthcare leader.

This is why we are building the Hubbard Center for Children, a cutting edge expansion that will elevate Children’s campus at 84th & Dodge Streets and accelerate efforts to build one of the nation’s leading epicenters of pediatric healthcare.

About The Hubbard Center For Children

The Hubbard Center for Children will be home to an expanded Newborn Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Care Center, and much more. It will be built between the hospital and the Specialty Pediatric Center, creating a third structure along West Dodge Road that will integrate architecturally with the existing buildings.

The buildings will connect so that staff and patients will be able to move conveniently through all three spaces. New construction also will include a parking garage to meet the growing parking needs for patient families and staff.

“It’s fundamentally about children, their families and the impact that you can have on the lives of people that you may never even meet,” says Richard Azizkhan, M.D., Children’s President & CEO.

The Hubbard Center for Children is just the latest milestone in the life of Children’s — a timeline that includes the 1948 founding, the move west in 1981 and the opening of the free-standing hospital in 2000.

“It’s really taking us not just one level but two or three levels higher than we have been. It is ambitious, but it’s because we care,” Dr. Azizkhan says. “I want my grandchildren and great grandchildren to have the benefits of a better healthcare delivery system and a better health status.”

“We have children who are leaving our community for specialized healthcare in other children’s hospitals. They’re going to Denver, Kansas City, Boston, and Cincinnati. It’s because we have gaps — and those gaps are going to be closed,” Dr. Azizkhan explains.

Explore Hubbard

Explore the plans for the Hubbard Center for Children and browse the spaces that will enhance and expand care for all children – whether healthy, fragile, medically complex, critically injured, or seriously ill.

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