Culture & Inclusion

Can you imagine a world in which every child is healthy, safe, and happy? A world where we came to work each day and helped prevent healthcare issues rather than just treating them? We can — and do — imagine such a world. Because we are, quite simply, all about kids.

Back in the summer of 1948, when we first opened our doors, we went looking for employees with open hearts. We found them then, and we’re finding them now. People who care, people who give, people who share an unshakeable enthusiasm for giving all children a better chance to live.

Fast Facts
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Excellence


Our Mantra is “No Harm”

When it comes to harm — whether to patients, visitors, clinicians, or staff — we believe that zero is possible.

Error Prevention behavioral expectations and techniques support our culture and help us achieve our goal of becoming a High Reliability Organization. These expectations and techniques are interwoven into everything we do to ensure that safety is always our number one priority.

Fast Facts
  • We make a difference in patients’ lives, and we love what we do.
  • We work as a team, and we’ve got each other’s back.
  • We work hard and celebrate often.
  • We are safety fanatics.
  • We value diversity and respect all viewpoints.
  • We believe in the future and our ability to create it.

Culture & Inclusion Committees

We have built two committees that are dedicated to fostering a culture of inclusion. These committees are:

  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI): EDI focuses on diversity-, equity-, and inclusion-related needs from both the employee and patient perspective. This committee consists of volunteer representatives from nearly every area of the Children’s enterprise.
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI): SOGI is open to employees who are interested in advocating for the needs of LGBTQ+ patients through the examination of both their patient experience and the education and training needs of staff to provide an excellent patient experience for our LGBTQ+ patients and their families.

For more information about these committees, please reach out to our Culture & Inclusion Manager, Shavonne, at

Diversity & Inclusion

Children’s is dedicated to cultivating a Culture of Inclusion. To lay a foundation for this goal, we have adopted the following definitions related to our Culture of Inclusion:


Integrated patterns of behavior that include language, thoughts, actions, customs, beliefs, values, and traditions

Adapted from Community Health Association of Mountains/Plains States


Bringing together and harnessing diversity in a beneficial way by creating, nurturing, and sustaining an environment of respect, involvement, connection, and excellence

Adapted from T. Hudson Jordan’s Moving from Diversity to Inclusion (Profiles in Diversity Journal, March 2011)


Richness of human differences — both seen and unseen


Providing everyone with the resources needed to level the playing field

Celebrating Our Employees

Continuing our theme of inclusion, Children’s has six employee resource groups (ERGs) that focus on the experiences that make each person unique. Each ERG is open to everyone, and has its own mission, business goals, and community goals. The ERGs and their populations of focus are:

  • CARE (Compassion, Access, and Respect for Everyone of all abilities): Experience of employees with visible and invisible disabilities
  • Catalyst: Experience of our ‘merging professionals’ and professionals at an early point of their career advancement
  • Children’s PRIDE (People and Resources for Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity): Experience of our LGBTQ+ employees, volunteers, and contractors
  • FAITH (Faith and Inclusivity Together in Healing): Experience of employees of all faiths and religious backgrounds
  • RISE (Reaching for Inclusion, Success, and Equity): Experience of our African American and Black employees, volunteers, and contractors
  • Unite: Experience of our Hispanic and Latino employees, volunteers, and contractors

For more information about these groups, please reach out to our Culture & Inclusion Manager, Shavonne, at

And Celebrating Our Patients

Employees do not just help children have a better chance of survival. They also help them enjoy everyday life, even when they are very sick.

Employees Throw Madison a Prom to Remember Forever


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