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In-office Surgical Procedures

At the Urology Clinic at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, we can perform a number of procedures in-office. Not only will your child be comfortable and well cared for, in-office procedures are more convenient (many can be completed on the same day as a child’s initial visit) and less expensive (all in-office procedures are done with topical anesthetic creams as opposed to general anesthesia).

Among the procedures we do in-office:

  • Lysis (removal) of post-circumcision adhesions
  • Meatotomies – a procedure done to enlarge a smaller than normal opening at the tip of the penis, making it easier for your child to pass urine
  • Newborn circumcisions (up to three months of age)

Please note – Our specialists will carefully evaluate the health needs of each child before determining whether he or she is best treated in-office or in an operating room.