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Memory Making

Memory Book or Photo Album

Help create a photo book of pictures of favorite things, people, places, etc. to be able to look back at when you want to remember them. If it’s for a sibling let the sibling keep it in their room so they do not need to ask for it. 

Memory Stones

Find a rock or stone.  You could decorate it, put their name on it or do nothing to it. This is a symbol of them and a way to remember. Siblings can hold it or sit on it when they miss them.

Handprint Pictures

Make handprint pictures or put a handprint with a favorite saying or poem to have as a memory or to hang in the home.

Fingerprint Pictures / Necklaces

These can be purchased at local retailers or online.

Hair Locks

Cut a lock of hair and place it in a zip lock bag or in a keepsake box.

Plant a Tree or Flowers

Plant a tree or flower in a place where you can see and take care of it. If there are siblings let them help decide what and where to plant it if they want to.

Memory Plaque

Have a plaque made or make one that can be placed in the home, garden, etc. 


Write a letter about your feelings or for special events you may miss. For a patient they can leave letters for their family members. For survivors they can write letters to the deceased and place in the casket or bury them in a box.

Hand Drawn Pictures

Write a story about a Favorite Memory

Scrapbook Pages


Create a Tradition

Memory Box

Voice Recording

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