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Non-Invasive Ventilatory/CPAP Clinic

One of the possible treatment options for children diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea is continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). CPAP is a treatment option that may serve as a temporary solution until surgery or weight loss, or it may be a long-term solution for children who are being treated for problems such as upper airway and facial anomalies, central hypoventilation syndrome, neuromuscular disorder and other medical complications.

What is CPAP?
CPAP consists of a mask, tubing and a small, lightweight machine, which generates airflow. The CPAP machine blows air at a prescribed pressure to help maintain your child's airway, thus preventing obstruction.  This helps your child breathe more easily while sleeping.

Children's offers a clinic dedicated to children requiring CPAP, providing the necessary support and management to help these children restore normal sleep patterns, experience health benefits and to feel more rested and ready for the day. This clinic provides a multidisciplinary approach involving a pediatric pulmonologist board certified in sleep medicine, a pediatric nurse practitioner, a pediatric nurse, a dietitian and a respiratory therapist.

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