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Orientation & Course Work

Pediatric course work has been designed to augment clinical orientation experiences with a preceptor. Nurses in the Transition to Pediatrics program will participate in 52 hours of classes. Classes will be held twice per week for six hours each. Courses are designed around a blended-learning curriculum:

  • Web-based training

  • Lectures

  • Skills practice stations

  • Case studies

  • Pediatric mock code review with a simulator.

Nurses will orient with a preceptor on their respective units 2 shifts per week and attend class 2 days/week. The length of orientation will be customized to the individual’s needs and planned orientation for each unit. In most cases, unit-specific orientation will continue after the completion of transition courses.

Course content includes:

  • Detailed review of pediatric body system assessments and related conditions

  • Family centered care

  • Growth and development

  • Communicating with children at various age groups

  • Quality components such as prevention of central line associated blood stream infections

  • Managing a broad range of caregiver emotional needs including survival skills, caregiver stress, coping, and grief

After the completion of unit-specific orientation, cohorts of Transition to Pediatrics nurses will gather monthly for three months for group check-ins to identify issues and challenges and receive additional resources. Groups then will meet at six months and again at one year after hire for ongoing mentoring and professional development. Final content in the program will focus on advanced specialty certification preparation and preceptor training.