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Our Stories

They face each challenge with courage and an unparalleled determination. Young patients at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center receive compassionate care from experienced specialists. Knowledgeable care teams guide children and their families through treatments, surgeries and hospital stays. In return, these children inspire us and remind us that anything is possible. We salute our young heroes. Their stories are the stories of Children’s. We invite you to share in their experiences.


Can't Be Stopped

Gymnastics, golf, soccer, baseball and football - Victoria Franklin simply loves sports.  Active and energetic, she enjoys school, playing in the backyard and running with friends.  But, for 30 minutes every morning and every evening, Victoria takes a break to undergo the special treatments that manage her cystic fibrosis.


Mending Broken Hearts

Danell Bonam was enjoying a fun afternoon, running and jumping with her friends when suddenly, her heart started racing.

"We had noticed a rapid heart beat before, but we were always able to explain it away.  She was running or she was playing hard," says LaKeisha Bonam, Danell's mother.  "This time, even after resting, her heart wouldn't slow down."


A mean fastball and a surgeon's skill
put Adam back in the game.

He was tired, and didn't seem to have as much energy as a 7-year-old should.  A blood test during a routine check-up showed Adam Folsom was slightly anemic.  It was the start of many tests, and a medical mystery that was finally solved in the operating room.


Love in their Hearts.

Tiffany Kavanaugh knew in the first moments after the birth of her daughter, Karly, that something was terribly wrong.  The baby didn't cry, and her left thigh was red and swollen.


Living Life to the Fullest.

Her journey started years ago with flu-like symptoms and a low-grade fever.  A simple blood test and a disturbing call from the doctor's office forever changed Kim Patterson's life.



A Survivor's Spirit.

Cassi Sorrells thought her infant son had put the worst days behind him, having undergone surgery hours after his birth.  Two weeks later, as she sat him up to burp him, she found a lump on his back.


They beat cancer, two to nothing.

Having one child diagnosed with cancer is difficult enough.  The Ballard family of Omaha was in utter disbelief when a second child fell ill with the same disease.  With treatment now complete for both boys, Connor and his younger brother, Caden, are doing all the things kids should.



He came through open heart surgery, without missing a beat.

Ian Johnson was born with a severe defect that restricted his heart's ability to pump oxygenated blood to his body.  A series of open heart surgeries at Children's saved the baby's life, and allowed him to grow into a fun loving, and athletic little boy.



Delivery Room Rescue.

When Landon Walsh was born, his delivery was anything but routine.  Landon faced serious medical challenges and doctors did not know if he would be able to breathe.  A detailed plan, and pediatric expertise unique to Children's saved the newborn's life.


She's pursuing her dreams of dancing and achieving her dream of walking.

Samantha Binning may always be small for her age, but she is certain to dream big.  Born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), or brittle bone disease, Samantha's two foot-plus frame, is a small miracle.


Picky Eater No More.

At age 8, Caleb Parker's picky eating habits are not too much unlike any other child. His obsession with chicken fingers used to bother his mother Quinette Smith. But not anymore. Today, Quinette is just happy to see Caleb eat.


The Right Place at the Right Time.

Something was wrong with 13-year-old Attalah Tomlinson, and her mother Gwen knew it. Lately, Attalah was tired and lethargic. Last year, she was able to practice cheerleading and basketball on the same day with no problem. But not this year.


The Comeback Kid.

For many high school seniors, graduation day is an important rite of passage. But for Yutan (Neb.) High School graduate Ashley Munson, that special day was one her family feared may never come.


Holding onto Hope.

Having given birth to three healthy children, Keri Spangler had no reason to expect her next pregnancy would be any different. But a routine ultrasound at 30 weeks proved otherwise.  Her baby appeared to have a rare birth defect that would require specialized surgery shortly after birth.