Amy E. Lacroix M.D.


My Medical Specialty: Pediatrics
Speaks: English

Board Certification


Medical School: University of Nebraska College of Medicine Residency: University of Michigan


My name is Dr. Amy Lacroix, and I’m a pediatrician who specializes in adolescent medicine, and I work here at Children’s Physicians, University of Nebraska Medical Center. I think that most of my patients would describe me as someone who is very easy to talk to, easy to understand, and very honest about their health and what they need to do to improve their health. I love taking care of teens and young adults because they are fabulous individuals who are learning how to be adults and sometimes trying to do that as best as they can in a very complex world. I want to help them navigate that as much as possible, along with their parents. I definitely would consider myself an expert in my field at providing reproductive health to teens and young adults. I am the only pediatrician in the state of Nebraska, as far as I know, who is teaching other providers how to put birth control implants in patients — and probably the only pediatrician in the state who is able to perform IUD insertions in patients who want them. I would absolutely consider myself to be focused on reproductive healthcare for adolescents. I think that a piece of advice that is really, incredibly valuable for parents of children and adolescents today is to make sure to monitor what your children are doing on the Internet and with social media. Restrict it when necessary, protect their sleep from it, and make sure you know what your kids’ relationships are like in those areas.

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This Provider Practices at:

Children's Physicians, UNMC
4400 Emile St.
Omaha, NE 68198

Fax: 402-955-8140

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