Colby Fletcher DO

My Medical Specialty: Ophthalmology
male | Speaks: English


My name is Colby Fletcher. I’m the optometrist serving the Visionmobile.

The Visionmobile was brought to life because there’s an access to care gap that’s pretty prevalent. We’re hoping that we’re making a difference for those kids who don’t have the avenues of conventional eye care at their disposal.

I’m a father of three, and I treat my patients as I would treat my own kids. I value the eye care and education aspect of what I do. We hope to make the future for these kids brighter then it would be otherwise, to make that access to care gap nonexistent.

I chose to work with kids because I like the energy. I find that I’m kind of a 5-year-old kid at heart myself.

I got glasses in fifth grade. Upon receiving my glasses, it was a shock to me that the trees actually had leaves that were so well-defined — and the McDonald’s arches were much more clear. I think that most optometrists would share a similar story about how the world came into much better clarity.

Some kids that are labeled as having a learning disability or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in reality have a severe vision disorder that’s limiting their ability to learn, focus, do well in school, and to thrive in this world.

A lot of kids don’t really know anything other than what they know — they think their vision is just fine and until they have a comprehensive eye exam — like we offer on the Visionmobile — those problems go undetected.


Indiana University School of Optometry

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Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Specialty Pediatric Center

111 N. 84th St.
Omaha, NE 68114

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