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My Medical Specialty: Neonatology
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My name is Eric Peeples, and I’m a neonatologist at Children’s.

My area of expertise is in neonatal brain injury, and identification and management of babies who have severe brain injury. I’m leading up a group of people who are developing a neuroscience NICU or a NICU that’s devoted to babies who have significant brain injury.

We take care of the sickest babies in the region. So, really there’s not anything that’s going to come through that door that we haven’t seen before, or that somebody in the hospital or one of our providers hasn’t taken care of before. We really are equipped with everything we need to take the best care of all of the babies.

Neonatology in the NICU is really kind of a place of hope, despite the fact that a lot of babies come to us very sick. The vast majority of them end up going home happy and healthy. That’s something that really has been kind of invigorating and has kept me going in my career, seeing all those babies leaving happy.

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Board Certification



Medical School: Creighton University
Residency: Phoenix Childrens Hospital/Maricopa Medical Center
Fellowship: University of Washington

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Children’s Hospital & Medical Center

8200 Dodge St.
Omaha, NE 68114

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Fax: 402-955-3398

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