Kent W. Kronberg M.D.

Department(s): Pediatric Care With Children’s Physicians

My Medical Specialty: Pediatrics
Speaks: English
Medical School: University of Nebraska Medical Center Residency: University of Nebraska Medical Center


My name is Dr. Kent Kronborg and I’m a pediatrician at Eagle Run Pediatrics with Children’s Physicians.

Children are the most vulnerable people in our society — and to me, that was an important part in my choice to practice medicine: I wanted to take care of those kids who couldn’t take care of themselves, who couldn’t speak for themselves, and who couldn’t even vote for themselves.

I’ve been around long enough to see a lot of patients grow up, go to high school and college, become parents, and now take care of their own children. It’s a really unique profession to be able to see that large of an age range, and to see generations in one family come to you for care.

My staff is second to none when it comes to delivering pediatric care. When parents pick a pediatrician, they should pick a group of pediatricians that all work well together. My group works well together.

When you’re picking a pediatrician — you should pick one that’s affiliated with Children’s Hospital, because we have the best working relationship with specialists there. Our medical center is one of the top-notch places in the world to practice medicine and care for patients. That relationship is really important.

The best advice I can give is to always trust your own instincts. Your children are the most important thing you have. I think the most important thing is to love your children and trust your gut instincts about them. If they need help, get them in here.

This Provider Practices at:

Children's Physicians, Eagle Run
13808 W. Maple Rd.
Suite 100
Omaha, NE 68164

Fax: 402-955-7055

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