Lois J. Starr M.D.

Department(s): Autism Diagnostic Clinic

My Medical Specialty: Genetics
Speaks: English

Board Certification


Medical School: University of Nebraska, College of Medicine
Residency: Creighton - Nebraska Universities Health Foundation
Fellowship: University of Nebraska Medical Center


My name is Lois Starr, and I’m a clinical geneticist and clinical cytogeneticist. I specialize in diagnosing rare diseases.

I became interested in genetics as a geeky lab tech sort of person working on the molecular side. Then, when I realized the patient impact that science can bring to the community, I became more interested in the human side and actually trying to help with diagnosing these rare conditions.

A lot of people think a geneticist is someone who is working in the lab all the time. However, my time is spent with direct patient care. This is where other physicians refer patients to us to help figure out what’s going on with their patient and what caused this disease that they’re treating.

So hopefully, when we know that underlying molecular cause, it can help with their medical treatment, help provide the families with answers, and help with how this patient will be affected with that in the future.

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This Provider Practices at:

Children's Hospital & Medical Center Specialty Pediatric Center
111 N. 84th St.
Omaha, NE 68114

Fax: 402-955-4184

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