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School Re-entry Program

Imagine that your child has recently been affected with a life changing diagnosis or had a surgery that has influenced his physical appearance. As a parent, you are looking for all of the resources that will help you and your child adjust as he returns back to the classroom.

The school re-entry program at Children's Hospital & Medical Center offers an opportunity for your child's classmates and teachers to learn basic and important information regarding their diagnosis and treatment plan. A school re-entry also provides an opportunity for a healthcare professional to clarify misconceptions, alleviate fears, and disqualify myths.

The School Re-entry program is coordinated and conducted by a Certified Child Life Specialist. Each presentation is designed for the age and developmental grade level.

School re-entries are available to patients at Children's whose school is within a 100 mile radius of Omaha. The programs are geared toward Kindergarten through 12th grade. There is no charge to the family or the school for this outreach service.

The Hematology-Oncology and Diabetes Clinics have established school re-entry programs. 

Positive outcomes of a school re-entry may include:

  • Promotes positive self esteem for the child returning back to school
  • Eases parent anxiety
  • Informs school personnel of possible accommodations that will be needed
  • Increases comfort level of classroom teacher and school staff
  • Clarifies misconceptions and myths about the child's illness
  • Discourages teasing and bullying
  • Increases communication between school and family
  • Provides an understanding of side effects and medications
  • Encourages the communication about an emergency plan
  • Gives children permission to talk about their friend's situation
  • Empowers the children to teach other schoolmates what they have learned and to speak positively about the child and their illness
  • Encourages teachers and classmates to think of creative and kind ways to support their friend
  • Prepares children and school staff for what they can expect

For more information about school re-entries please contact: Christy Hogan (402) 955-3957