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What We Do

"As a team, we sit down with our patient families and focus on the hard, life-and-death decisions they have to make."Andrew Macfadyen, MD, Hand in Hand medical director

Hand in Hand’s multi-disciplinary palliative care team is dedicated to meeting the needs of families by offering a variety of inpatient consultative services. These services include but are not limited to:

    • Plan of Care Creation
      • An individualized palliative plan of care is created for each patient and speaks to the patient’s and family’s goals and wishes. 
      • The plan of care is available for all caregivers to see and is updated at each inpatient stay, clinic visit or whenever the family requests a revision.


    • Various Types of Support:
      • Emotional and Spiritual Care for your child and the entire family
        • As the journey of a life threatening or life limiting illness continues, family members may find themselves at different places along the path at different times.
        • Our chaplain and child life specialist work to meet family members where they are in order to help everyone cope.
      • Decision Making Support
        • Making decisions that involve your ill child can be especially difficult, gut-wrenching even.  Hand in Hand offers multiple ways and levels of decision making support.
        • For more on the decision-making process, click here.
      • Hospice and Bereavement Support
        • Hand in Hand works closely with hospice agencies in the Omaha area, greater Nebraska and Iowa.  
        • We can offer information for planning and assist in the transition to hospice if necessary.  
        • Hand in Hand offers bereavement support as well.


    • Family Team Meetings
      • Whether it’s preparation for the future, understanding where you are right now or working on how to have difficult conversations with friends and family, the Hand in Hand team is available to meet and discuss.
      • These meetings can be in large or small group settings – and the topic can be whatever is most important to you and your family.  
      • Teleconferencing can also be utilized to include out-of-town family members.


    • Pain and Symptom Management
      • A huge struggle of chronic illness is the onslaught of symptoms created by the disease and/or the medications used to control it.
      • Hand in Hand works with the primary care team to provide careful attention to the comfort and relief of symptoms for your child.

    • Coordination of Health Care and Community Resources
      • The Hand in Hand case manager and social worker can help navigate the different resource systems to help meet the needs of families and improve their and their child’s quality of life.

    • Continuity
      • Our first encounter with families, often times, is at the bedside during a hospital stay.  
      • After discharge, we stay connected with families through clinic appointments and outpatient follow-up phone calls.  
      • When our patients return to the hospital for scheduled and unscheduled stops, we will round as a team to follow-up with patient and family.  
      • We remain available to our families always via email and telephone.


    • Out-of-the-Box Thinking
      • Each story is unique and each journey is different.  If you have questions or concerns, you can come to us. We enjoy thinking out-of-the-box to find the solution that is best for patient and family.

"The Hand in Hand team is invaluable to my sanity! The support we’ve received from them over the last years is immeasurable. Thank you!" – Hand in Hand parent