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When should I bathe my baby?

You don't need to bathe your baby every day as long as the diaper area and skin folds are kept clean. Bath time can be very pleasurable for parents and baby and you can bathe him anytime that is convenient. There are two ways to bathe a baby, a sponge bath or a tub bath. While your baby has been in the hospital, he has received both sponge baths and tub baths while being swaddled.

Never, under any circumstances, should your baby be left unattended on a table or in the tub. Gather all supplies together before starting the bath.

Things to remember when bathing your baby:

  • Always check the temperature of the water.
  • Never leave your baby to get supplies or answer the phone or door.
  • Wash under your baby's chin in the folds of the neck.
  • Check your baby's skin for any changes.
  • Oils, lotions and powder are not recommended.
  • It may help to pick a quiet part of your baby's day to do the bath.
  • Remember to wash your baby's face and hands daily.