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Who is a candidate?

Most head-shaped deformities we treat fall into the category of deformational plagiocephaly, an uneven or irregular head shape caused by pressures on the skull that usually occur before birth. These pressures on the skull can occur due to an early drop into the mother's pelvis before delivery, breech positioning and delivery, twins or multiples, an unusually large baby, a pregnancy with decreased amniotic fluid or a mother with a small pelvis.

Head-shaped deformities can occur after birth as well. Causes after birth include sleeping in the same position all of the time or constantly sitting in the car or an infant seat.

Deformational plagiocephaly is a cosmetic issue and does not compromise your child's developmental or functional abilities.

We also see infants with congenital muscular torticollis, a condition in which an infant's neck muscle is shortened causing the neck to twist. A physical therapist evaluates all patients who come to the Helmet Clinic. While we can diagnose this condition, treatment is achieved through sessions with our physical therapists and does not require helmet therapy. We also diagnose craniosynostosis, a condition that involves premature fusion of one or more cranial sutures, often resulting in an abnormal head shape. This condition is treated primarily through surgical means and will require referral to our craniofacial surgical specialists.