Children’s Health Network

Children’s Health Network (CHN) began with advocacy in mind. As a clinically integrated network focused on pediatric care, CHN aims to help independent providers maintain their practices, while also teaming up with providers who are employed by Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha. The goal of CHN is to promote a continuous process of alignment across the care continuum that supports the triple aim of health care.

  • Improving quality of care
  • Reducing or controlling the cost of care
  • Improving access to care and the overall patient experience

CHN’s more than 400 members — whose practices span the heartland region — work cooperatively with both independent and employed providers contributing their own unique skills toward developing standards in pediatric medicine and practice management.

Children's Health Network Organizational Structure

From setting the right strategic direction and infrastructure to developing and implementing strategies, CHN leadership and provider-led committees work together to build a clinically integrated network.

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Children’s Health Network: Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about clinical integration, and the benefits of being a CHN member? We have answers to these frequently asked questions.

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Children’s Health Network News

As an independent pediatric provider, if you find it is a challenge to maintain cost, adopt new technology, or need ideas to take your business to the next level, CHN News helps achieve your goal.

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Provider Information

Who Can Participate In Children’s Health Network?

Any pediatric healthcare provider can participate in CHN. Providers may join either independently or as a member of a larger practice.

“CHN allows us to provide more consistent, higher-quality, performance outcome-related care across a broader patient footprint. Even though we’re all quietly competitive with each other, in the end, we’re all passionate about improving the quality of the care in the kids we see. Children’s Health Network helps us do that.”

—Brad Brabec, M.D., Chairman, Children’s Health Network

What Can I Expect When I Join CHN?

Benefits of becoming a Children’s Health Network member include:

  • Option to participate in CHN managed care contracts
  • Support with care coordination and determining best practices for active, ongoing management of pediatric health conditions
  • Opportunity to participate in value-based care contracts
  • Membership in Child Health Advantage purchasing program

Children’s Health Network membership requirements include:

  • Adhering to network clinical guidelines
  • Following network performance measures
  • Sharing data and information
  • Working collaboratively to promote accountability

Will Joining CHN Affect My Current Contracts?

No, joining CHN will not have an impact on your current contracts.You will have the ability to
evaluate whether you elect to keep your existing agreements or access agreements through

How Can I Join CHN?

To join CHN, call 800-236-2832 or email

While there is a $100 nominal membership fee for the first year, joining Children’s Health Network has no additional financial requirements.


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