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Schedule a Virtual Visit

Our virtual visit model offers not only convenience for you and your family — allowing you the ability to see a provider from the comfort of your home — but also enhanced safety for our patients, families, and care teams.

Schedule a Virtual Visit

Primary Care Clinics

You can also schedule a virtual visit with a Children’s Physicians primary care provider. During the online appointment, a provider will be able to address the following concerns with you:

• ADHD med checks
• Allergy conditions
• Asthma visit (routine)
• Anxiety/depression
• Acne
• Cold symptoms
• Cuts and abrasions
• Diarrhea
• Insect bites
• Pink eye
• Skin rashes
• Vomiting

Virtual Visit Specialties

Virtual visits are appropriate for minor medical conditions and not for emergencies. Virtual appointments are available for the following specialties:

Cardiothoracic Surgery
• Chronic Pain
• Developmental Pediatrics
Eating Disorders Clinic
Infectious Disease
Metabolic Management
• Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
• Plastic Surgery
Rehabilitation Services
Sleep Medicine
Weight & Wellness
• Wound Clinic

Schedule a Visit

Simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch. Or call a Children’s Physicians office to schedule a primary care appointment or 402-955-6799 to schedule a specialty appointment.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

Children’s Physicians (Primary Care) Phone Numbers

Prepare for your Virtual Visit

When it is time for your appointment, your child’s physician or provider will be available virtually via Zoom.

  • Set up your device

    • A tablet or mobile device is preferred for your visit. Please ensure your tablet or smartphone has the Zoom app downloaded & installed.
    • Ensure your device has a working Internet connection – WiFi or wireless access is required.
    • If you prefer to use your home computer, you will need to ensure you have a working webcam and microphone.
    • Set the microphone and audio volume at a level where the provider or clinician can hear you clearly.
    • To test your internet connection, join a test meeting by clicking here:
  • Identify a dedicated location

    • Choose a location with adequate lighting where you will be physically comfortable sitting and speaking with your provider or clinician.
    • Avoid having a window or other bright light directly behind you so our providers can see your face.
    • Position your tablet or mobile device so that the provider or clinician will have a clear view of you and your facial expressions.
    • Please try to minimize distractions and ensure there is no background noise during your visit.
  • Start your visit

    Please plan to connect 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Use the link provided in the appointment confirmation email you received to start your visit.
  • FAQs

    How do I join?
    You will receive an email with the link to join. You will be placed in the virtual waiting room until the provider arrives. Make sure the mic and camera are on as indicated on the bottom of the screen. See this tip sheet for further instructions.

    Are virtual visits secure?
    The safety and privacy of our patients is our top priority. Our virtual visits are 100% HIPAA compliant, never recorded, and encrypted to protect your privacy. Zoom does not have access to identifiable health information and protects and encrypts all audio, video, and screen sharing data. Click here for more information about the security of Zoom.

    Where do I go for technical support related to the Zoom app?
    Please contact your doctor’s office for assistance.

    How are virtual visits billed?
    Please note that virtual visits will be billed as a normal visit.

  • Children's Connect

    Children’s Connect provides patients, parents, and legal guardians’ online access to portions of the electronic medical record (EMR). The available information includes lab results, appointment information, medications, and immunizations, all securely stored for quick retrieval. Children’s Connect also provides a convenient method of communication with your doctor’s office to renew prescriptions, send messages, and schedule appointments. Pre-visit questionnaire’s that have been assigned ahead of your visit can also be completed here as well as viewing your after visit summary. Visit Children’s Connect


If you are in need of support during your virtual visit, please call 402-955-6630.

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