Here at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska, it’s just kids. All day, every day. With the Just Kids Health podcast, Children’s pediatric experts are here to answer your questions and weigh in on hot topics—to help you keep your child healthy, safe & strong. We’re here for you. Listen in.

Individual Episodes



Episode 1: COVID-19 Q&A Medical & Physical Health

Pediatric specialists Dr. Alice Sato and Dr. Christopher Maloney field questions from parents and share precautions to take during this uncertain time and what Children’s Hospital & Medical Center is doing to curb the spread.

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Episode 2: COVID-19 Q&A Behavioral & Mental Health

Pediatric behavioral health experts Dr. Jennifer McWilliams and Dr. Mike Vance field questions from parents regarding anxiety in children, routines, screen time and more—all to help you and your child.

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Episode 3: COVID-19 And Sports Medicine Q&A

Pediatric sports medicine physicians — Dr. Natalie Ronshaugen and Dr. Kody Moffatt field questions to help you keep your young athlete healthy so they’re ready to get back to play when the time is right.

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Episode 4: Virtual Visits

Dr. Andrew Huang Pacheco, pediatric gastroenterologist, and Rebecca Ohlinger, Children’s manager of virtual care, share how virtual visits are transforming medical care and address common questions and misconceptions about virtual care.

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Episode 5: Is it safe…?

We ask two Children’s Physicians pediatricians “is it safe?” Every family is unique; no situation is the same, but our team is here to offer expert guidance and guidelines, sharing expertise to help your family make decisions about what is safe and what should be avoided this summer.

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