Sports Physical Therapy Clinic at Spring Ridge

17819 Pierce Plaza
(180th and Pacific Streets)
Omaha, NE 68130

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  • Rehab Services (physical, occupational and speech therapy)
  • Sports Physical Therapy


The multi-camera, high speed Dartfish video system to further breakdown throwing mechanics. The software provides athletes with first-hand information about their movement mechanics and deficits to give them a better understanding of areas to target with training. Dartfish also allows us to track improvement with side-by-side comparisons to prior analyses.

Force Plate to determine magnitude, quality, timing, and symmetry of ground reaction forces when jumping, landing, running, and walking.

Optogait photocell (LED) system for the assessment of spatiotemporal gait parameters (i.e., speed, cadence, step length, step time, stride length, single limb support time, double limb support time, and swing and stance times).

Humac 360 to report velocity, power, and rate of force development.

Dynamometer to evaluate strength.


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